My Playlist for August 2010

While I was updating my playlist with songs I am currently into, I thought, ‘hey why don’t I post about it so that I can recommend these songs to my friends’. So here I am, just typing away about these 5 songs that you’d probably hear being played on my car stereo for the next […]

Billboard Top 20 (Week of April 24, 2010)

Hello! I’m back! I didn’t know I have readers who actually look forward to my billboard top 20 posts hehe. I’m super grateful to my friends for their never-ending support. Sorry if sometimes I get too busy (lazy) that I’m not able to do this regularly :). Anyway, for this week’s charts, Rihanna still occupies […]

AppleGirl: Irreplaceable using I-Phone Apps

This is the second video from applegirl002, where she used several I-Phones to create her own personal band. This is Irreplaceable by Beyonce.

AppleGirl : Poker Face using Apple I-Phone Apps

A pretty Asian girl, who calls herself applegirl002 is currently making waves on YouTube for her renditions of popular songs using Apple I-Phone applications. I think it is very interesting how she came was able to use several phone to create the music as she sings. Watch her version of Poker by Lady Gaga.

Billboard Top 20 (Week of April 10, 2010)

Finally, the long vacation has arrived! I’m so happy…. I hope I can catch up with my posts for all the sites I’m writing for. Anyway, for this year’s Holy Week, the number one song in the charts is Rude Boy by Rihanna. This is from her album Rated R, and is her 6th single […]

Billboard Top 20 (Week of March 20, 2010)

There’s a new number 1 song in this week’s charts. It’s a dance/rap song called Break Your Heart from Taio Cruz featuring Ludacris. It made HUGE jump from last week’s 53rd position to knock-off previous number 1 song, Imma Be from the Black Eyed Peas. Though I’m not much of a fan of this song. […]

Billboard Top 20 (Week of March 13, 2010)

It’s been weeks since I last made this compilation of Billboard’s top 20. Was a bit busy (lazy) these past few weeks. Anyway I’m home early today, so there’s no more reason for me not to do this post. And finally, there’s a new number 1 (actually they’ve been number 1 since last week hehe), […]

American Idol Performance : Everybody Knows by Alex Lambert

Just finished watching the top 10 guys in the current season of American Idol. I decided to post my favorite performance for the night. This is Everybody Knows by Alex Lambert. The reasons why I love this performance are, 1: I looove this song and 2: I super like Alex Lambert’s voice. It’s just so […]

Billboard Top 20 (Week of February 20, 2010)

Gosh, it seems Ke$ha just refuses to leave the top spot! I don’t mind though, as I’m not yet tired of her Tik Tong song. Though I’m really digging Jason Derulo‘s In My Head lately along with Leighton Meester‘s Your Love’s A Drug, which by the way is not in the countdown (how come?? super […]

Billboard Top 20 (Week of February 13, 2010)

No debuts in this week’s Billboard top 20, all songs occupying the top slots are chart old-timers. Last week’s number 2, Today Was a Fairytale from Taylor Swift failed to get the top spot from Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, and completely dropped out of the top 20. The only newcomer in the top 20 is Jason […]