My Playlist for August 2010


While I was updating my playlist with songs I am currently into, I thought, ‘hey why don’t I post about it so that I can recommend these songs to my friends’. So here I am, just typing away about these 5 songs that you’d probably hear being played on my car stereo for the next few weeks. Click on the title so see the videos and lyrics of the songs.


Ever since I first heard this song, it has kept on playing over and over inside my head. For some reason, I just couldn’t get over my LSS with its chorus (You know I know how… to make ’em stop and stare as I zone out….). Then last Friday, I was out with some friends and I told my friend Tep about this song, you know,  just to have some ‘kadamay’ with my LSS (hehe). So while driving home, I texted her to turn her radio to 94.7 since it was playing this song. Unfortunately, she read the text only after she got home (I guess she’s the more responsible driver. No texting while driving). So sadly, I’m still the only one humming this song.. (okay here it goes again : you know I know how…. to make them stop and stare as I zone out….). So! I am putting this song on this list and will be forcing her to read this and to listen to it. Actually it is one my main reasons for doing this post :)

2. KING OF ANYTHING by Sara Bareilles

Love the melody.. love the lyrics. This song talks about being true to oneself and not letting anybody force you to be somebody else you’re not. I super like the lines : ‘So you dare tell me who to be? Who died and made you king of anything?’. Sooo sarcastic, something I would like to say to somebody annoying 😛

3. LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE by Eminem featuring Rihanna

This song’s lyrics are so violent and dark, but I like the melody especially Rihanna’s part. It talks about being in an abusive relationship and actually liking it. I also find the video interesting, and I’m sure a lot of people, especially guys, would too, since it stars the beautiful and sexy Megan Fox.

4. SUNNY CAME HOME by Shawn Colvin

A lot of talks has been on going about the real meaning of this song. If you’d look at the lyrics, it kind of talks about arson. Though some are arguing the reference to ‘fire’ is only metaphorically. Personally, (well I’m not a deep thinker hehe), I think it is talking about a fire, literally. But anyway, I still like the melody, sounds so cheerful if you’d ignore the lyrics.

5. WHEN IT WAS ME by Paula Deanda

This is an old song that found its way to my notice via my sister, who keeps on playing this song along with other oldies. I think many girls would be able to relate to this song since it is about a girl’s thoughts and feelings when her old flame replaces her with somebody new.

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