IF I GIVE YOU MY HEART by Toni Gonzaga

This romantic song by Toni Gonzaga is one of the movie soundtracks of Kim and Gerald’s “Paano na Kaya”, a pre-valentine movie of 2010.

From the day we met
I knew that we were meant
You’re the reason i’m here
And when you said hello
Don’t want to let you go
Yet we were strangers in love


Being with you feels like forever after
For all we know time will keep as together
Sometimes dreams do come true


If i give yo my heart
Please don’t tear it apart

’cause this heart is for you
And if i say how i feel
And you know that it’s real
All i am is for you
But if i give you my heart
If i give you my heart
Please be good to me

All the stars are bright
All the signs are right
And it’s a magical thing
I know i can’t be wrong
The feeling’s just too strong
You make me feel so alive

Repeat bridge

Repeat chorus

Someone for my song
Someone to belong
Someone like you

Repeat chorus

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