MATUD NILA by Pilita Corales

Matud Nila – In 1941, at the outbreak of the second World War, a guerilla fighter from Cebu in central Philippines named Ben Zubiri composed the song Matud Nila (“They Say” in English). Pilita Corrales born also in Cebu was only two years old then, a mestiza, (of Spanish and Austronesian) ancestry. It was Pilita’s impeccable rendition of the song in the 1960’s that made it so popular and labeled by some as the cultural anthem of the Cebuanos. The Tagalog version of the song is titled “Ikaw Lamang” (..Kalungkutan sa unang pag-ibig). (posted at Youtube by itchelielie)

Matud nila ako dili angay
Nga magmamanggad sa imong gugma,
Matud nila ikaw dili malipay,
Kai wa ako’y bahanding nga kanimo igasa,

Gugmang putli mao day pasalig
Maoy bahanding labaw sa bulawan
Matud nila kaanugon lamang
Sa imong gugma ug parayeg,

Dili maluba kining pagbati
Bisan sa unsa nga katarungan
Kay unsa pay bili ning kinabuhi
Kon sa gugma mo hinikawan

Ingna ko nga dili ka motuo
Sa mga pagtamay kong naangkon
Ingna ko nga dili mo kawangon
Damgo ko’g pasalig sa gugma mo

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