GIVE ME A CHANCE by Jed Madela

The latest single from world champion Jed Madela. This is “Give Me a Chance” from his certified gold album “Songs Rediscovered 2: The Ultimate OPM Playlist”. This was originally sung by OPM balladeer, Ric Segreto.

I need you, is all that I can say
But deep inside of me you know

I want you more each day
But time won’t let me have the chance
So, I’ve got to see you even at a glance

I know it’s hard for you to see
Exactly how much you mean to me

Since it’s just a one way street
And I’m the only one who’s on it
No one knows the way but me

I love you, can’t you hear me?
Oh, can’t you please see through me
Oh, babe I need your love so badly
It’s no lie so please believe me
In my heart you’ll see the real me
You just gotta give me a chance

Well since I got that off my chest
All I need to let you know is
I really did my best
To keep this feeling inside
But there’s just no place to hide
So, please be my love

(Repeat Refrain)

Give me a chance…
Give me a chance…
Give me a chance…

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