AMAZING by Noelle Cassandra

I first heard about Noelle Cassandra from the radio show Good Times With Mo. And I became an instant fan. She plays the harp, sings and writes songs. This is one of her original compositions and it talks about the circle of life. I think this will be the carrier single of her debut album also titled “Amazing”.
Sorry about the video quality, this is the only copy I can find as of the moment. I will be updating it soon when I see a better quality video.

Daddy, what do you think I’ll be when I grow up?
Do you think I’ll be able to fell and be strong enough?
Will I hold my dreams in the palm of my hands?
And he said, “baby girl, you will be amazing

Mommy, do I make you proud in all of me?
Do you think I’ll become the woman I am meant to be?
Do you think that one day I’ll be a good mom too?
She said, “baby girl, you will be amazing”

How can they be so sure that I will succeed?
So much faith in me

My love, do you think that we can last forever?
Do you think that always and forever we’ll be together?
Tell me what you think our life will be tomorrow
And he said, “my love, my only love, our life will be amazing

Our love will last a lifetime, I promise thee
My love wait and see

Mama when I grow up will I live life happily?
Will I be everything that I am meant to be?
Will I find my prince and have my own family?
And I said, “baby girl, my little angel, you will be amazing

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I love her style too!she’s the only harpist in Asia! really,really amazing!no doubt she’ll be a star!!

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